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Love Gelato Events brings a unique, one of a kind experience to your event, which will invigorate all your senses.  Our team delivers world-class service along with visual creations that will leave your guests in awe.  Love Gelato Events packages are fully customizable for all events, tailoring our look and feel to your theme.

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Made with Love!

Our Ice Sculpture creations elevate your events to new heights where your imagination is brought to reality.  Virtually any idea can be brought to life and there is no challenge too big for our ice partners to tackle.  Have your guests admire beautiful ice sculptures while enjoying award-winning gelato experience.

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Weddings and Corporate

Something for Everyone!

Whether you are getting married, have a corporate or private function Love Gelato Events caters to everyone.  Our team helps make your message simple and personal through a private one on one consultation where we tailor our visuals and gelato flavours to your unique preferences.

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Gelateria anyone?

If you are looking for a traditional gelateria experience, our Love Gelato Carts bring a wide variety of flavours for your guests to enjoy.  Fully customizable for your event we ensure our visuals compliment your theme.

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Complete your experience!

Make your gelato experience complete with our Affogato Love Bar!  Whether it's a wedding, corporate, golf or any sporting event, all packages can be paired with our Nespresso Affogato Love Bar where your guests can enjoy fine coffee products and be served World's Best Fresh Affogato.  Not sure what Affogato is? Ask us!

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